Bernd Scholze

Collecting & Research



Bernd Scholze is a collector of the magic lantern for the past 27 years. He has done extensive research on the history of the lantern from the 17th century to the early 20th century. His research is focused on the magic lantern history in the German speaking regions.


Magic Lantern Society of Great Britain

The Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada

Freunde des Deutschen Filminstituts & Filmmuseums (Frankfurt am Main)


The Magic Lantern as an Ambassador between Cultures and Religions: Imrich Emanuel Roth and the First Dissolving View Shows in the Ottoman Empire, 1845-1846 in: Scientific instruments between East and West. Leiden: Brill 2019, p. 229-239

The beginnings of the modern toy industry in Germany: Peter Friedrich Catel and the first toy lanterns in:  Magic Lantern 1  (December 2014). Ripon: Magic Lantern Society. p. 1-10

Magic Lantern Performances:

Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main

Cinematek Brussels, Belgium

Birmingham & Midland Institute, Birmingham UK

FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerp, Belgium

Lichtspiel / Kinemathek, Bern


Symposium of the Scientific Instrument Commission:

2016 Istanbul, Istanbul University "The magic lantern as intercultural ambassador between cultures and regligions: Imrich Emanuel Roth and the first dissolving-view shows in the Ottoman Empire 1845/1846"

2018 Haarlem, Tylers Museum "Talk of the town - a case study of the public experimentalist Peter Joseph Reuter in Braunschweig"

Magic Lantern Society of Great Britain, various talks in London & Birmingham

B-MAGIC Final Conference Antwerp, May 2022