Very rare German silent film-camera by Oskar Messter, Berlin. c. 1912.  Serial Number 212.

Lens Voigtländer Heliar, 51 mm, 1:4,5,  D.R.P.  124 934,  Serial Number 116,422.

Hand crank, 20m film cassettes, counting device.

Original price M 440,- for film-camera & M 140,- for Voigtländer lens.

Friedrich August Böttcher

New slides from the "probably the greatest lantern exhibitor in Europe" (The Photographic News. August 8, 1879).

The hand-painted dissolving view slides of Böttcher in Berlin are of an unreal beauty. The slides were part of his "Instructive Soireen" in the Berlin Schauspielhaus am Gendarmenmarkt.

Berlin, unknown slide painter, c. 1870 - 1875. 

Size of the frame: 220 x 125 mm, size of the image: 110 x 115 mm.


(Dissolving views. Changements à vue. Immagini di Trasformazione. Imagenes de Transmutacion.)

"Jalousie-Bilderbuch" with 6 changing heads. Very rare book, no other copies are known. Germany, c. 1845-1850.

Magic Lantern by Ernst Plank

A barrel shape magic lantern in light blue decorated with hand-painted Magarites in the Art Nouveau style.

The lantern comes with the original box and slides. Nürnberg, c. 1910.

A very rare magic lantern, there are only four other lanterns known by Ernst Plank with painted flowers.


ICA "Teddy" 35mm film projector

Home-Cinema ICA "Teddy" for 35mm film. Manufacturer ICA AG, Dresden, c. 1924.

It is said that about 500 projectors of this model had been made.


Magic lanterns by Jules Molteni

One of the most elegant French lanterns ever made by Jules Molteni, Paris, c. 1850-1875.

High-quality crafted wooden housing with brass lens. Length: 500 mm, Width: 205 mm, Hight: 465 mm. One lantern carries the shop label of the luxury toy shop "Aux Enfants Sages GUITON, Passage Jouffroy, Paris". One prominent owner of the Molteni lantern was Gustav V., King of Sweden.

The model was offered by Molteni also as a Fantascope-lantern on reels.