Treasures of pre-cinema history 

The magic lantern


Retailer Robert Banks, London

Active from 1795 to 1830 (from 1825 as Bancks and Son). Robert Banks operated a workshop for scientific instruments in London. From 1795 till 1805 at 440 Strand, later till 1830 at 441 Strand, London. Very likely Banks sold not only the slides, but also magic lanterns from workshops in Bavaria.

Retailer William Cary, London

Active from 1790 to 1825

Retailer Thomas Rubergall, London

Active from 1802 to 1854 (1826 to 1854 at 24 Coventry Street, London)

Retailer William Harris, London

William Harris (1781-1841). Manufacturer of Optical, Mathematical and Philosophical instruments. Active from 1805 to 1855