Treasures of pre-cinema history 

The magic lantern


Wiesbaden, upper class home

A face behind the magic lantern...

Lecturer from Saxonia region

Rare large size format magic lantern slides from a lecturer of the Saxonia / Thuringia region.

Dutch lecturer

A typical lantern slide arrangement of a lecturer in the early 1860th. The hand written labels in Dutch...

Willi Simon, Wiesbaden-Dotzheim

Willi Simon was born on 27 March 1896 in Wiesbaden.The family register does not give a clear information about his parents. He was registered as the son of the pharmacist Simon and his wife Luise,...

Deutscher Kulturverband Prag

German Cultural Assocation Prague

Germany, unknown lecturer

A trip around the world

Lübeck, unknown lecturer

A trip around the world

c. 1900
Place of Origin:
North Germany
Hight: 125mm, Width: 135 mm

Switzerland, unknown lecturer

c. 1890
Hand painted picture
Hight: 90 mm, Width: 100 mm

Charlotte Tomanek, Leipzig

A Leipzig opera and concert singer (sopran) with a passion for the art of projection. And an admirer of Richard Wagner's operas.

Lecturer, South Germany

c. 1850
Place of Origin:
South Germany
Hand painted pictures

F. X. W., Bavaria

A compilation of a magic lantern...